Applied Pixels is a consulting and contract engineering firm that offers design, development and project management support ​for products that ​need imaging solutions.

We work on firmware, software and hardware for systems that use CMOS image sensors, from focal plane arrays to complete modules, to ​generate image streams feeding processing pipelines ​driving apps, displays and recordings.  We work with a network of engineers to ​provide supporting expertise in optics, EE and printed circuits, and mechanical design.

Our customers are involved in various phases from concept ​to design and development of subsystems and complete products. These products target markets ranging from consumer electronics to medical and scientific end uses.  The experience we bring includes firmware for embedded systems, software for PC, Linux and iOS platforms, and camera development from concept to lab testing. We have system development experience with RGB, UV and IR sensors, and with ToF systems for 3D imaging.

​In support of recent projects targeting AR applications we have expanded our software coverage to include Unity and Vuforia for PC, iOS and Android platforms.  These tools, and a few others, have also ​engaged us in ​several software-only projects creating custom 3D animations, editable audio tracks and automation scripts for merging these elements into production videos.

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