Applied Pixels has worked on a range of projects helping our customers ​​turn their ​ideas into exciting products.

Digital Field Scanner

​Working with a small team to combine imaging and AR to explore and prototype a hand-held imaging system concept for use in sporting event and nature watch settings.  Linking the observer to a wealth of supporting data on scene location, observed specie, or game score and player stats, depending on the specific wilderness. This project used circuit and PCB design, optics, embedded system firmware and application software to test out this new product idea.

Project management

Driving the flow of specs and requirements into a set of phased project plans, schedules and budgets with resource and milestone tracking for an overworked startup.  Bridging across different engineering disciplines to manage tight schedules and ever-evolving design and production needs.

​video ad production

​A series of animation and audio tracks ​created with 3D character generation tools and merged into short video clips for use in marketing, ads and new product ​concept development.  A ​set of ​front and back end ​controls and ​tools ​were ​created to enable the customer to modify character dialog, titles and overlay content,then recompile these elements into new clips, while working remotely from a browser.

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